First of all, you'll need a hosting. And it better be a good one. Because it's essential to have a solid hosting so that your site is safe, secure and blazing fast. We highly recommend FlyWheel. We use it for all our sites and it is simply amazing.

Whatever hosting you got, you must already have a WordPress installed on your server to continue. Check out the Codex for more info.

Theme's requirements

Make sure you've checked that your installation meets minimum requirements:

  • PHP 5.6.2 or higher
  • WordPress 4.8 or higher

You'll not be able to activate the theme if your installation doesn’t meet any of these terms. If you are installing the theme on an existing site with content, make sure to backup before proceeding. More on that in the Codex.

Theme installation

Now you are ready to install the theme. You have two options for doing it, via the WordPress dashboard or via manual FTP upload. In both cases make sure that you are uploading the theme installable file, not the entire package you downloaded.

In your WordPress admin panel, go to AppearanceThemes and click the Add New button. Click the Upload Theme button. Upload file from your ThemeForest download. Click on the Activate button to use your new theme right away.

Alternatively, you can upload unzipped theme's folder higo via FTP into wp-content/themes folder. Then head to AppearanceThemes and activate the theme.

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