First things first. Before you proceed with adjusting the theme options for your liking, make sure you’ve cleared out the basics.

Front page settings

Higo was designed to display your latest blog posts on the front page. So go to SettingsReading and set option Front page displays to Your latest posts. Sure, you can also have a static front page, if you want.

You don’t want your permalinks structure to be ugly, right? Navigate to SettingsPermalinks and make sure to change the structure to anything but Default. Post name is recommended.

Handy navigation is essential for any site. If you’re not familiar how it works in WordPress check the Codex first. Go to AppearanceMenus and create a menu. Add all desired pages to this menu and save it. Assign it with one of the menu locations. Higo has 5 menu locations in total:

  • Header Menu
  • Off-canvas Menu One
  • Off-canvas Menu Two
  • Footer Menu One
  • Footer Menu Two

Header Menu

This is your primary navigation. It supports hover/touch drop-downs and can be up to 3 levels depth.

In case if you want to create a dropdown with a parent that is not supposed to lead anywhere, just create a custom link and put # instead of the URL.

On smaller screens, header menu is hidden. Only off-canvas navigation remain visible.

Off-canvas menu one & two

You can have 2 menus in the off-canvas section. First one is for primary navigation. It's vertical and supports click drop-downs and can be up to 3 levels depth. The second off-canvas menu is designed for social links. It's horizontal and can't have any sub-menus.

You can have 2 menus in the footer of the site. Both horizontal and can't have any sub-menus. Both can have social icons in them.

Social icons in menus

In Higo you have the option to display social media links in Off-canvas Menu Two, Footer Menu One and Footer Menu Two. The theme will recognize the network by URL and an appropriate icon will be used. The following icons are supported:

  • rss;
  • behance;
  • bloglovin;
  • codepen;
  • deviantart;
  • digg;
  • dribbble;
  • facebook;
  • flickr;
  • foursquare;
  • github;
  • instagram;
  • linkedin;
  • livejournal;
  • envelope;
  • medium;
  • pinterest;
  • google plus;
  • reddit;
  • slideshare;
  • snapchat;
  • soundcloud;
  • spotify;
  • stumbleupon;
  • tumblr;
  • twitch;
  • twitter;
  • vimeo;
  • vk;
  • yelp;
  • youtube.

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