If you’re not familiar with WordPress widgets head to the Codex first.

Widget areas

Higo has 3 widgets areas in total:

  • Blog - Displayed on page with latest posts;
  • Single Page - Displayed on all single pages;
  • Single Post - Displayed on all single posts.

Each of this sidebar areas will be displayed if it has at least one widget inside. Simple as that. But you can override that for the blog and single page/post sidebars. Blog sidebar can be turned off from the theme customizer. As for the singular pages/posts - there is a template dropdown in the post/page edit screen. Select No Sidebar Full Width or No Sidebar Narrow Width template to disable sidebar for this particular post/page. Learn more about templates here.

Custom Widgets

Higo comes with 2 custom widgets:

  • Higo Instagram Widget. Showcase your latest Instagram pictures in the sidebar. Simply insert your username and number of posts to show.
  • Higo Recent Posts Widget. Go beyond what standard WordPress Recent Posts Widget can offer. In Higo Recent Posts Widget you have way more options. You can order posts by date or comments; display posts only from particular category or even display posts by ids.

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